Greece opens waste-treatment plant to produce biogas

The first processing plant for solid municipal waste in Greece to also produce biogas went into operation on Wednesday at Eleftherochori in western Greece, following a public-private partnership (PPP) investment project worth 52.6 million euros.

The project, Epirus Waste Processing Plant (EWPP), was carried out by the Epiros Region and Sustainable Epirus, a subsidiary of Terna Energy Group, with the assistance of the inter-ministry Special Secretariat for PPPs.

The Eleftherochori project, in the greater Dodoni area, is considered a model for PPPs because its licencing and construction took place in record time for the Greek market. It was also recognised as “project of the year” for 2018.

Some of the plant’s features include state-of-the art recycling technologies that support long-term environmental protection and sustainability, while the electricity produced by EWPP will be absorbed by the Greek national grid. The project has already raised the local added value by nearly 70 percent, authorities said.

EWPP’s maximum annual capacity is 105,000 tn. It will salvage an average of 17,000 tonnes of recyclables per year, and produce 1,800 Wh/yr of Green Energy, equivalent to the needs of 3,000 families.

In addition, its construction created 200 job openings, while it is projected to create at least 90 permanent jobs over a 25-year horizon, not counting affiliated jobs in sectors such as transport and commerce.