Greek Defence Minister speaks at American Jewish Committee

The Minister of National Defense, Evangelos Apostolakis, met on Wednesday 27 March in New York with representatives of the Greek community. The Minister stressed the role of the Greek community in the United States, which is a bridge of friendship and communication with the American people, and was particularly concerned with the important role it plays in promoting national positions.

Mr. Apostolakis also participated as a central guest at a round table discussion organized by the American Jewish Committee. The Minister of National Defense in his positions:

> He pointed out Greece’s excellent relations with the United States and Israel, which are testified by both the existing Greek-US Strategic Dialogue and the ever-improving defense cooperation with Israel.

> He expressed Greece’s desire for further expansion and strengthening of defense cooperation with the US and Israel in the Eastern Mediterranean.

> He analyzed the complex security environment in the wider region of the Eastern Mediterranean, North Africa, and the Middle East, which makes it imperative to develop international defense co-operation to effectively enhance stability.

> He underlined the fulfillment of Greece’s obligations stemming from its participation in NATO, the EU, and the UN as well as the parallel implementation of a wide range of defense diplomacy actions on the Greek side.

> He stressed Turkey’s deceptive behavior in the Aegean Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean, which is treated by the Greek Armed Forces with composure and determination. He also referred to the recent meeting with his Turkish counterpart, who agreed to re-launch Confidence Building Measures and joint action to reduce tension between the two countries.

> Finally, he dwelled on the tripartite summit meeting between Greece, Cyprus, and Israel, with the participation of the US Secretary of State, which was an endorsement, which confirms the will to ensure stability and security in the Eastern Mediterranean region.