IDF Prepares for Large Scale Campaign in Gaza

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that he has ordered the army to prepare for a full-scale campaign in the Gaza Strip ahead of the planned clashes over the weekend. “We are adjusting the security ring around the Gaza Strip,” he said at an event in northern Israel after visiting troops on the border with Gaza.

“I ordered to deploy forces in preparation for a large-scale offensive. All citizens of Israel must know that if we have to enter Gaza, we will do it with force and confidence, after having exhausted all possibilities, “said Netanyahu, who is also Minister of Defense.

The comments come as the army prepares for major riots along the security fence this Saturday, during the first anniversary of the “March of Return” protests and after the last escalation earlier in the week.

“We are operating on several fronts simultaneously. Not far from here are the Golan Heights, where President [Donald] Trump recognized our sovereignty three days ago. This is a great achievement for Israel. ”

“Beyond the Golan Heights is Syria and also Iran. Iran is constantly trying to bring far-range precision missiles to Syria, very advanced and very lethal. We will not allow it, and our actions against Iran’s attempts to militarily entrench itself in Syria continue all the time, “the prime minister said.

Earlier, the Israeli army announced that it attacked a group of Palestinians who threw explosives tied to balloons from the northern Gaza Strip towards southern Israel. Gaza sources reported that three people were injured.