Israeli ambassador to Athens: “Violent Riots in Gaza, part of Hamas’ Strategy for the Destruction of Israel.”

An article by the Israeli state ambassador to Athens, Mrs. Irrit Ben-Aba, may lead us to the conclusion that the chances of a direct confrontation between Israel and Hamas are particularly high.

“Gaza: Do not Harbor Illusions: The Violent Riots are part of Hamas’ Strategy for the Destruction of Israel.”

Article of the Ambassador of Israel, Ms. Irit Ben-Abba

In 2005, Israel completely withdrew from the Gaza Strip to its internationally recognized borders. But that did not bring peace. On the contrary, it suffered more terrorism from Palestinian terrorist organizations, like the Hamas. The Islamist terror organization, which controls the Palestinian enclave, is seeking the destruction of Israel. The Hamas charter mentions that: “Israel exists and will continue to exist until Islam obliterates it.”

Since usurping the Gaza Strip in a violent coup against the Palestinian Authority in 2007, the Hamas has launched more than 30,000 rockets against Israeli territory. It has provoked three military confrontations with Israel (2008, 2012, 2018). In only a year since March 2018, the Hamas carried out 2,139 attacks against Israel. During the same period, it launched 1,233 rockets against Israeli cities, while it has carried out attacks with shootings, bombings and incendiary mechanisms, causing 1, 963 fires and burning 3,500 hectares of Israeli land to the ground. On March 25th, Hamas terrorists launched a long-range rocket (120 km) against a town near Tel Aviv, completely destroying a home and wounding seven people including three children. Another Hamas rocket struck Tel Aviv a week earlier.

In the last year, Hamas has been organizing massive riots on the Israel-Gaza border using its citizens as human shields. It is planning new riots on Saturday, March 30th with shootings, hand grenade attacks, arson and other acts of violence in the framework of the “anniversary” of the so -called “Great Return March,” a euphemism for the destruction of Israel.

Have no illusions. The violent riots have nothing to do with peaceful demonstrations. They are part of Hamas’ strategy for the destruction of Israel. ” The leader of the terror organization, Yahya Sinwar, has said that the aim of the riots is to “take down the border and tear out the hearts of the Israelis.”

Hamas terrorists, many of whom are armed, infiltrate into the crowds, hiding behind demonstrators, even women and children, and carry out attacks with shootings and explosives. Their aim is to destroy the border force, allowing thousands of Palestinians to invade Israeli cities and communities with the declared goal of murdering and kidnapping Israeli citizens.

Hamas is exploiting its population, financing the riots. It pays demonstrators and their families 200 dollars for moderate wounds, 500 for serious ones and 3,000 dollars in cases of death.

The lack of funding is not responsible for Gaza’s suffering, but the Hamas and its raison d’etre, which is none other than terrorism and seeking Israel’s destruction

Hundreds of millions of dollars in assistance flow into Gaza from Western and Arab countries. But the Hamas uses these funds to purchase rockets, build military infrastructure and tunnels to carry out attacks inside Israel’s borders. According to the Wall Street Journal, in 2014 alone, Hamas spent 90 million dollars on military infrastructure. To understand the scope of the tragedy, one simply has to take into account that the same money could have been used to build 86 homes, 19 medical clinics and six schools in Gaza.

Events this month demonstrate the barbarity of Hamas not only against Israel, but also against its own citizens. On March 21-23, Hamas violently suppressed a demonstration of Gazans fed up with its corruption. Commenting on the televised images of Hamas forces crushing demonstrators, Hussein Al Sheikh, a close associate of the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, said that: “Hamas gangs are terrorizing and crushing the hungry in the Gaza Strip.”

Faced with Hamas terrorism, Israel has every legitimate right to defend its internationally recognized borders and its citizens. It cannot do otherwise, since the lives of Israeli citizens near Gaza and throughout Israel depend on it.

Israel wants calm to prevail on its border with Gaza and envisions a future of stability and peace with its neighbors. Unfortunately, with its radical ideology, the cynical exploitation of its own population and its constant aggression against Israel, Hamas is a basic threat for stability in the region. If the international community is sincere in its desire to help the Palestinians in Gaza, then it must exercise pressure on the culprit for the clashes and violence, the Hamas. The common goal for peace to prevail in the region requires isolating extremists, including the Hamas and its extremist ideology.