Greek PM uses strong language against Albania over Greek minority rights

Alexis Tsipras launched a virulent attack against Tirana after the end of the four-day meeting in Bucharest.

The prime minister sent a message to the Rama government that if he does not respect the rights of the Greek minority then the European perspective of the neighboring country will be affected.

During the joint interview of the four leaders, and without getting into details, Alexis Tsipras, referring to the European perspective of Albania, commented: “I am learning today that there is a negative development for the Greek community in Albania. If it is true it will be a very negative development.

It is therefore an unfortunate case that we are not optimistic about the crucial European perspective of the country facing critical challenges and must respond. The prerequisites to move in this direction, however, if we verify this information we have, I think do not exist. ”
The prime minister expressed the hope of such information being refuted because, as he said, “the will of all of us is for all the countries of the Western Balkans to take steps towards the necessary reforms in order for the European perspective to become a reality.”

He noted, however, that “we see each country separately” and that “we must encourage the positive steps and we must demand them of those countries that are not yet ready to take these steps.”
The reason for Tsipra’s intervention was the information that arrived in Athens noting that the Albanian government had decided to confiscate the property of the Greeks in Himara, proceeding even to the publication of a relevant Gazette.