Bombing of Aleppo: Analyst on how Israel raises stakes after Trump’s Golan move

Shortly after the US recognised Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights, Aleppo was subjected to air strikes attributed to the Israeli Air Force (IAF) by the Syrian military. Speaking to Russian Sputnik agency, Ghassan Kadi, a political analyst of Syrian origin, shared his views on what was behind the reported Israeli attack.

A few days after Donald Trump signed a presidential proclamation recognising the Golan Heights as Israel’s territory, the Syrian state-owned media reported that Israel had launched air strikes against the Syrian city of Aleppo. Tel Aviv neither confirmed nor denied the claim.

Commenting on the alleged attack, Ghassan Kadi, a political analyst of Syrian origin, suggested that “Israel’s main objective in the Aleppo airstrike is to demonstrate to the regional players, including Russia, that Israel is still capable of launching such attacks”.

At the same time, “they are also for public consumption in a bid for Netanyahu to win votes in the upcoming elections”, he said, referring to the early parliamentary vote that will be held in Israel on 9 April 2019 to elect members of the Knesset, the country’s unicameral parliament.

Netanyahu Vows to Further Counter Iran in Syria Day After Reported Aleppo Raid
“In reality, and unless they turn into massive and continuous air-raids, which is something that Israel will find extremely difficult to achieve, with or without risking retaliations that can reach deep into Israel, sporadic strikes will not create much impact on the ground either against Syria itself, or in favour of the so called ‘Tel Aviv struggle against Iran'”, the political analyst opined.
On 28 March, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated his vow to prevent any alleged deployment of Iranian ballistic missiles in Syria.

“Iran is constantly trying to place in Syria precision long-range missile [sic] that are very advanced and highly lethal missiles. We are not prepared to accept this. Our activity against Iran’s attempt to establish military bases in Syria and to place advanced weapons there, continues all the time”, he said.

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