ISIS executed British teen jihadist as spy

A British teenage ISIS recruit nicknamed “Osama bin Bieber” has reportedly been executed by the terror group for being a spy.

Mohammed Ismail, who acquired the nickname because of his youthful looks, was 18 when he left Coventry to join ISIS in March 2014.

He has been killed by the terror group for giving away the movements of Nasser Muthana, an aspiring doctor from Cardiff, who became a leading Isis recruiter and propagandist, according to the Sunday Times.

Muthana, who was on a Pentagon ‘kill’ list, died in a precision air strike in Mosul, Isis’s former stronghold in Iraq. The terror group believed Ismail’s spying resulted in Muthana’s death.

He apologized on camera and his final moments were captured on film, according to the newspaper. It is not known how he was killed.

His killing is thought to be the first know ISIS execution of a suspected British spy.