Russia to showcase advanced projectile for Tornado-G rocket systems at Brazil arms show

Russia’s Techmash (part of Rostec) will for the first time feature a high-explosive fragmentation shell of the enhanced capacity for Tornado-G multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) at the Laad arms show in Brazil, the company’s press office said on Monday.

“Techmash of the Rostec Corporation will for the first time demonstrate a projectile with the high-explosive fragmentation warhead of the enhanced yield for Tornado-G MLRS at the Laad-2019 Latin American venue,” the press office said.

The shell that has been developed by Techmash’s Splav Research and Production Association is designated to strike both sheltered and unsheltered manpower, unarmored and light armored hardware, command posts and other targets.

“The shell can be fired to a range of 5 – 20 km. The projectile can operate in a combat environment with temperatures ranging from minus 50 degrees to plus 50 degrees Celsius. The munition is twice as effective as the standard projectile for the Grad MLRS,” Techmash said.

Techmash will also feature another product developed by Splav: the new-generation S-80FP 80mm air-launched rocket with the high-explosive fragmentation piercing warhead designated to hit isolated and multiple targets.

The Tornado-G is a 122m multiple launch rocket system derived from the Grad MLRS. The new system can conduct fire from unprepared positions in an automated mode. This allows quickly opening fire, after which the gunner can switch the system’s artillery gun into a travel mode directly from the vehicle’s cab and change the position.