Israel: Development and construction of a new self-propelled gun by Elbit

The Israeli Defense Ministry has announced the award of a $ 125 million contract for a 12-year implementation to Elbit Systems to develop and build a new generation of self-propelled artillery system for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

The announcement states that this contract is one of the most complex armament programs in the history of the country’s land forces. In fact, the development phase has already begun after a successful showcase of new technology and more of the company’s thoughts and plans for the new system.

Consequently, it should be assumed that the company has already passed the prototype phase, on which operational tests will be carried out, to be followed by mass production.

The company has a rich experience in the field as it is a supplier of similar systems to a large number of users around the world. As mentioned, it will not be the same as the well-known Elbit’s ATMOS 155 mm. This system was developed by SOLTAM, which was acquired by Elbit in 2010, according to IHS Markit’s report.

Indicative of the gravity and methodical nature of Israel’s defense programs is the inclusion of a simulator for educational purposes in the conventional terms and the support of the system for 20 years in order to maintain very high levels of operational availability.

The name for the new system was not released, with the company simply saying that it would be a fully automated system that would emphasize the reduction of personnel needed for its operation and its software would choose the most available target to neutralize and the kind of projectile it will use.