INIOCHOS 2019: Hellenic Air Force releases pictures from the exercise (upd. pics and vid. over the Acropolis)

Sometimes words are simply superfluous. Others say that a picture is worth a thousand words. In this regard, as there are 26 photos released by the Helleni Air Force General Staff (HAFGS) from the multinational exercise INIOHOS 2019 that is in progress in Andravida, we would need a whole book!

Operational activity is evolving smoothly and everyone is very satisfied with both Greek hospitality and the complexity of the scenarios that are being carried out, even though all the participating air forces maintain some secrets well kept! This is understandable.

But, look at the pictures that would make every military air-enthusiast jump for joy! HAFGS also released photos of eight fighters from the participant couyntries over the Acropolis, and the Rio-Antirio bridge, as well as a video from the cockpit of one of the fighters! ENJOY!