NATO at 70: an opportunity to recalibrate

On the occasion of NATO 70th anniversary, Dr Jamie Shea, a former member of the NATO International Staff and Professor of Strategy and Security at the University of Exeter, has penned an interesting assessment of the Alliance, its prospects, and the threats it faces. The article is featured in

NATO has reached its 70th anniversary in much the same state that has marked virtually every year of its existence. To commentators and pundits on the outside, the Alliance seems to be in constant crisis and each new form of crisis is seen to be finally the terminal one. On the contrary, to those working on the inside, NATO has never seemed in more robust shape: engaged in more places than ever before, churning out initiatives at a faster pace than ever and in ever-longer Summit declarations. Now that the Alliance is firmly back in its most indispensable mission of collective defence, its future would seem to be more secure than in a long time.

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