US Army to withdraw all UH-60A helicopters by 2024

The complete withdrawal of all UH-60A helicopters by 2024 was by announced the US Army at the Senate Subcommittee on Armed Forces. According to the US Army the UH-60A helicopters will be withdrawn from the National Guard in 2022 and from the US Army in 2024.

The first UH-60A entered service with the US Army in 1979 and served initially with the two Airborne Divisions; the 82nd and 101st. The UH-60A helicopters after 40 years of service and involvement in 8 wars are being replaced in the US Armed Forces by the H-60M and 760 UH-60V.

To date, 2100 UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters of different versions have been manufactured. The question is whether there are helicopters in a much better state than those of the Hellenic Army (apparently) so that with the appropriate mobilization Greece could refurbish some of its fleet, for a while.