Submarine battery explosion in Iranian shipyard kills three

A very strong explosion at an Iranian navy shipyard destroyed installations or at least caused great damage, and it seems that three people were killed. The explosion was caused by a battery in a submarine under construction, and the human losses involve technicians who participated in the project.

“Three Defense Ministry staff were martyred after a submarine battery exploded at the Shahid Darvishi shipyard in Bandar Abbas…, which builds and repairs military ships and submarines,” IRIB said.

Davood Abdi head of the defense ministry’s public relations office said that the explosion happened when a “light vessel” was being repaired.

Shahid Darvishi naval industries is located 37 kilometers west of Bandar Abbas and it builds, as well as repairs surface vessels and submarines.

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In recent years several explosion in Iran’s military installments has led to speculations about possible sabotage, which in some instances Iranian officials have confirmed and in other cases they have maintained silence.