Fake news may cause new surge in refugee arrivals to Greece

New fears of a refugee wave were sparked by an Anadolu news agency telegram, according to which about 950 refugees and immigrants attempted to pass through Adrianople, from Turkey to Greece.

According to the telegram, the organized movement of this group was through social media, as in the case of Diavata when an informal camp was created by hundreds of refugees and immigrants in the hope of opening the border.

“Immigrants arrived in Adrianople on Thursday night when they were told via social media that Turkey would allow them to cross the border,” he said in a telegram published by Daily Sabah.
According to the telegram, the Turkish authorities that had the information raised security levels near the border in order to prevent migrants from entering Greece.

“Thousands of people were set to cross the border after they were told by social media that Turkey would open the gates for transit,” said Iranian immigrant Ali Hussein to Anadolu. “The teams wrote us “go to Adrianople and then we will go to Greece from there,”” added the man from Iran.
As observed in the telegram, “thousands of illegal immigrants had arrived in Adrianople in 2015 on rumors that Germany would accept migrants and that the borders would be opened.”

In the case of Diavata, the message from “The Caravan of Hope” called for refugees to rush to the opening of the border.

“We will not wait for anyone. Because some may not have the documents, be aware that some may try to block you. We are in contact with humanitarian organizations, who have offered to gather in Thessaloniki and which will help us. We will let you know about the gathering point 24 hours before the start,” the message said, according to ANT1.