Turkish DefMin issues new threats against Greece and Cyprus

In a new provocative statement, the Turkish defense minister, Hulusi Akar, launched threats to Greece and Cyprus.

“Turkey will respond to any action in the seas,” said the Turkish Defense Minister.

According to philenews.com, the Turkish defense minister, speaking at a military event, once again referred to the so-called Blue Homeland, warning neighboring countries to avoid challenges, otherwise Turkey will respond.

“No one should act egoistically to irritate and aggravate the situation while we are trying to solve the problems in the Aegean and the Mediterranean in a peaceful way,” the Turkish minister said.

“Let no one stand up to try our determination to defend our rights and our law resulting from international and bilateral agreements and history. On this issue, we are absolutely determined, we have shown our determination and no one doubts that we will not – in spite of our good will – do what we need to protect our rights and justice or that we will not respond. ”

As Hulusi Akar said: “We are in favor of dialogue. We are in favor of dialogue at every level. At this point, our contacts are continuing at different levels. And in the next few days we expect the talks between committees to begin. We hope and wish in these talks to demonstrate an effort to solve all the problems in a peaceful way and method and we wish to solve them. This is our desire. But no one behaves selfishly or opportunistically against our good intention, in our quest for peace and peaceful resolution of our problems. No one should run after provocations or challenges. I want everyone to know that we will not leave any move without a response. For peace and for good neighborly relations, it is very important for everyone to know this. We place importance and we expect all sides to place importance on this issue. “