US may put up F-35s made for Turkey for sale and the Hellenic Air Force may buy them

The acquisition of a total of 24 F-35A is under consideration by the Hellenic Air Force as part of the replacement of the old F-16C / D Block 30 fighter, according to military analyst Babak Taghvaee.

Specifically, as the analyst says, on the occasion of the participation of the six Italian F-35A of the 13th Gruppo in the international joint exercise “INIOHOS 2019”, Air Force officers had the opportunity to realistically assess the American aircraft. The Air Force’s objective, as reported by Babak Taghvaee, is to acquire 24 F-35A to replace the 23 F-16C / D Block 30 of the 330th Squadron.

Currently, the Air Force has begun work to develop a plan to acquire US weapon systems, to which the Greek Minister of National Defense has also recently referred.

It is worth noting, however, that as Babak Taghvaee says, the US government will shortly put up for sale to third parties the Turkish F-35As that will not be delivered to Turkish Air Force at a price of ½ to 1/3 of the original cost.

It is estimated that this move could be the final warning of the Trump administration to Erdogan to reconsider its geopolitical orientation and it is no coincidence that this information is published by a valid analyst with good sources, on the same day that the Turkish President visits in Moscow the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.