Greek DefMin: Turkey’s S-400s worried since first announced

The Greek side is anticipating for the S-400 delivery from Russia to Turkey, an agreement that initially caused concern in the Greek defence ministry.

“The supply of the S-400 to the Turks has been worrying from the time it was announced,” National Defense Minister Evangelos Apostolakis said, adding: “we are watching developments and we are waiting.”

Mr. Apostolakis expressed optimism about commenting on the bill – a “package” promoted by the US Congress, where senators call on the Foreign Minister to present a “list” of Turkish violations in the Aegean and call for lifting the arms embargo on Cyprus.

“The American initiative further highlights the role of Greece. I think that this development should make us hopeful because all these efforts that our country is making are achieving results. It is an action that highlights Greece as an important player in defense and security in the region. For the first time, the issue of violations at this level has been raised by Congress, which makes us even more optimistic, ” Mr. Apostolakis said.