Judiciary slams Greek gvt in shipyard subsidy scandal

A stern decision was passed against the Tsipras Government and its choices concerning the Skaramangas shipyard. The Athens Court of Appeals dismissed the Greek State’s appeal against the decision of the International Arbitration Court for the Shipyards, which had condemned Greece to pay a particularly onerous compensation (over EUR 200 million, while the provisions of the decision provided for much more), because it seems that the rhetoric of politicians towards the electorate, unfortunately, has little to do with international reality. 

The indemnification of the International Arbitration Court Tribunal was awarded to the company and not to its owner, Iskandar Safa, the main shareholder of Privinvest’s holding company, to which Scaramagas belongs, in spite of its subsequent looting in a “classical Greek” fashion, which has exposed the country to new legal adventures and the risk of unbearable damages.

Citizens are left to wonder how a Greek court can annul the decision of an international court in which Greece was not forced to go but had agreed at the outset to entrust the resolution of Greek disputes with the Scaramangas shipyards, if and when they came out! And disputes did come out.

Since, as has already been mentioned, the decision of the International Arbitration Court says much more than the mere payment of financial compensation, it is a question of the special management regime to which Scaramangas has been subjected, through procedures which are not internationally acceptable, and which Greece chose to ignore. Therefore, it is highly likely that Greece will see further complications, which will not be fortuitous for the fragile, scandalous and completely disorganized public sector.

The glorious Greek State is asking from the Scaramanga’s owners to recover the illegal state aid that it gave. And the aid was not given to the one from which it’s asking it to recover! Indeed, the fine of about 250 million euros, which has reached more than 600 with the surcharges, was charged to the merchant marine section of the yard, not to the military!

Nevertheless, Greece accepted the fine for the military section too! In particular, the government of George Papandreou (letter of the general secretary of Economy Plaskovitis under Minister George Papakonstantinou), after having privatized the shipyard! Then, in order to save ourselves as a country from the consequences of our actions and omissions, we turned against the investor (whose 6-7 yards have more work than they can handle and the shipyard could work and prosper without orders from the Hellenic Navy) and asked him to pay for the government’s mismanagement!

The state is living in an alternate reality.  And the worst may be yet to come. What we have been wondering for so long is why the government of Alexis Tsipras followed along the same steps as the PASOK and ND governments, whose manipulations were at least tragic and led to today’s result. Perhaps this dubious “know-how” was brought along with some erstwhile PASOK members that jumped on SYRIZA’s bandwagon.