US Senate introduces bill to lift arms embargo to Cyprus

Τhe US-Cyprus strategic relationship has gone from theory to practice, through the tabling of a bill for the lifting of the arms embargo to the Republic of Cyprus.

The submission of the bill was followed by statements, mainly by the Democrat who led the project, Robert Menendez.

“The United States has important national security interests in the Eastern Mediterranean, which are reinforced by strong and expanding relations with Greece, Israel and Cyprus. Co-operation in the field of energy security among these countries in recent years has paved the way for cooperation on a broad agenda of regional security, economy and energy”, Senator Menendez said.

“The time has come for the US to deepen this cooperation and support the constructive progress of our allies to help secure a safe Eastern Mediterranean. This legislation seeks to strengthen our friendship ties through joint efforts to promote the peace, prosperity and security of our nations”, added the minority head of the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee.

“This double legislation will continue to strengthen our mutual cooperation on energy and security with our allies in the Eastern Mediterranean region”, said Senator Rubio.

“With the lifting of the US arms embargo in Cyprus and the expansion of the necessary external military assistance to Greece, this legislation highlights a comprehensive approach to the stability of key regional partners”, the Republican Senator added.