Australian Army orders Carl-Gustaf ammunition from Saab for $18.1 million

The Australian Army ordered more Carl-Gustaf ammunition from Saab for $18.1 million.

The Carl-Gustaf system is a multi-role, man-portable artillery system that allows the infantryman to defeat armored vehicles with add-on armor protection, destroy landing craft and bunkers, blast breach holes through brick and concrete walls, knock out concealed troops, and deploy a smoke screen.

The Australian Army has ordered the newest version of the system – Carl-Gustaf M4. The CGM4 features a lightweight, flexible design incorporating titanium-made components and improved carbon fiber wrapping. The recoilless rifle offers enhanced agility and tactical flexibility, allowing military forces to engage multiple tactical targets.

Already in September 2018, the Army ordered the Carl-Gustaf M4 from Saab. Deliveries are expected to take place next year.