Elbit Systems contracted for STYLET guided mortar by undisclosed Asian country

Israeli defense company Elbit Systems won a $30 million two-year contract to deliver the precise Guided Mortar Munition STYLET to an Asian-Pacific country.

The STYTLET is a multi-mode GPS/INS-guided 120mm Guided Mortar Munition designed for tactical combat units and Special Forces.

With a range of 1000-8500m, STYLET is a multi-mode GPS/INS guided 120mm GMM that is designed for tactical combat units and Special-Forces. STYLET’s high accuracy of less than 10 meters Circular Error Probable (CEP) provides ground forces with an affordable precise solution that is easy and quick to operate, increasing their operational effectiveness while sharply reducing collateral damage.

Elbit Systems introduced the new round into its portfolio in order to meet demands for high-precision guided munitions that are also economically efficient.