Joint Greek Egyptian Cypriot exercise MEDUSA 8

From 13 to 19 April 2019, the joint multinational exercise of Greece-Egypt, under the name “MEDOUSA 8”, will take place in the framework of the existing military cooperation of the two countries, in the wider region of Alexandria, Egypt.

In this exercise, the Armed Forces of Cyprus were invited and will be involved.

The Greek armed forces will participate with:
• 1 Frigate (with its helicopter).
• 1 Armatower.
• 1 Submarine.
• 1 Mine warfare ships.
• 8 F-16 Aircraft.
• 1 Airborne Early Warning Aircraft.
• 1 CHINOOK Helicopter.
• 3 AH-64 attack helicopters .
• A platoon of Marines.
• Special Operations personnel.

Cypriot Armed Forces will participate with:
• 1 Open Seas Patrol vessel.
• Special Operations personnel.

Egyptian EDs will participate with:
• 1 Helicopter Carrier.
• 1 Frigate.
• 2 FAC (M)s.
• 1 Submarine.
• 8 F-16 Aircraft.
• 1 AWACS Aircraft.
• Special forces personnel.

The purpose of the exercise is to further strengthen the cooperation of the armed forces of the participating countries, by improving the level of operational training in a multi-threat environment.

Observers from Bulgaria, France, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Bahrain, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Sudan and the USA have been invited to the exercise.