Russia’s Tupolev-160, Sukhoi-27SM planes conduct training over Black Sea

Russia’s strategic bombers Tupolev-160 have carried out training flights over the Black Sea in cooperation with Sukhoi-27SM fighters from a base in Crimea against the backdrop of NATO’s Sea Shield-2019 exercise, the press service of the Southern Military District said.

“Fighter jets of the 4th Air Force and Air Defense Army of the Southern Military District escorted strategic bombers Tupolev-160 and practiced interception of air targets,” the press service said. The Black Sea Fleet’s wing of Sukhoi-27SM naval jets operated from an airdrome in Crimea.

“The training proceeded against NATO’s naval exercise Sea Shield – 2019, which provided a good background for the Black Sea Fleet and the Air Force and Air Defense units to practice combat tasks in real conditions,” the press service said.

The pilots of Sukhoi-27SM planes were given the coordinates of Tupolev-160 bombers and hypothetical air targets approaching the bombers. Each pair of fighters escorted the bombers and intercepted the hypothetical enemy.

NATO’s Sea Shield – 2019 exercise is being held in the Black Sea on April 9-13. Naval ships and aircraft from the United States, Bulgaria, Greece, Canada, the Netherlands, Romania and Turkey in cooperation with representatives from Georgian and Ukrainian forces are taking part.