Saab Sea Giraffe AMB for USN’s LCS

General Dynamics ordered the Sea Giraffe AMB naval radar from Saab for the US Navy. The radar, designated AN/SPS-77 will be installed in the newest Littoral Combat Ships LCS 36 and LCS 38.

The ships will be named USS Kingsville (LCS 36) and USS Pierre (LCS 38). The Sea Giraffe AMB is a medium range, multi-role surveillance radar optimized for detecting small air and surface targets with high update rate in all kinds of environments, including the littorals. It will assist the commander in all kind of naval warfare and give the operators maximum time to react to incoming threats.

Saab received the first order for a Sea Giraffe AMB for the LCS in 2005. Since that time, Saab has continuously developed the standard Giraffe AMB sensor. Saab will carry out the work in Syracuse, NY in the US and Gothenburg, Sweden.