Israel signs with Elbit for advanced ‘artillery of the future’

Israel has signed a deal that will further its plans to deploy “artillery of the future,” the Ministry of Defense announced.

Israel’s future artillery effort could solve operational challenges the country faces in the north, potentially in Syria, Lebanon and Gaza. It also represents a commitment to investing in its ground forces in future conflicts.

Retired Gen. Udi Adam, the director general of the MoD, signed a deal with Elbit Systems for the development and acquisition of “advanced artillery systems to replace the existing ones” fielded by the Israel Defense Forces, the ministry announced March 27.

“This is one of the largest and most complex procurement plans in the history of the ground forces,” the ministry added. The system is expected to be deployed over the next decade.

Israel has carried out initial tests of the technology and identified engineering challenges. “The next stage of development has begun: prototype production and preparations for serial production,” the ministry noted.

According to a high-ranking retired officer with knowledge of this technology, the decision is no small matter. After the Second Lebanon War, he said, the need to improve Israel’s artillery wasn’t a priority, but now “as big and strong as the Air Force is, the ground forces need close suppose in immediate time in all-weather conditions.”

Israel previously considered Elbit’s Atmos 155mm self-propelled howitzer for the gun.