Russian Navy dismantles six nuclear powered vessels

The withdrawal and scraping of two nuclear-powered missile cruisers and three nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines and a nuclear-powered submarine by 2021 the Russian Navy decided .

In particular, the two nuclear powered Kirov class cruisers Admiral Ushakov and Admiral Lazarev, and the Victor Class Daniil Moskovsky (K-448) and the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (K-221)  nuclear powered ballistic missile submarines, Svyatoy Georgy Pobedonosets (K-433) and Podolsk (K-223) Class Delta III (Project 667BDR Kalmar) are to be withdrawn and dissolved according to the Izvestia newspaper..

The cost of such work is quite high, according to the newspaper. The withdrawal and dismantling of the Podolsk K-223 submarine will require 950 million rubles (13,2 million Euro), for the submarine Daniil Moskovsky K-448 will require 250 million rubles (3.5 million Euros) for the Svyatoy Georgy Pobedonosets K-433 submarine will require 400 million Rubles (5.6 million Euros) and for the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky K-221 submarine will require 300 million Rubles (€ 4.2 million).

With regard to the two cruisers: for the dissolution of Admiral Ushakov, 400 million rubles (5.6 million Euros) will be demanded and Admiral Lazarev will require 350 million Rubles (4.9 million Euros). In total, the Russian state will spend to withdraw and dissolve these six ships 37 million in total.