Turkish Aerospace Industries to put the Anka-Aksungur UAV in series production

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) plans to push its Anka-Aksungur medium-altitude long-endurance drone into series production early next year, Jane’s reports.

The company is reportedly expanding the testing envelope of its internally funded air vehicle development. The Anka-Aksungur is a twin-engine UAV that features a twin-boom airframe design supported by a retractable undercarriage and incorporating forward-mounted PD170 twin-turbocharged engines developed by Tusa Engine Industries with input from General Electric, followed by a set of high-mounted wings with slight dihedral and terminating in vertical stabilizers joined by a horizontal tailplane.

TAI started the Anka-2 project to develop a new UAV with higher payload. The high-range drone should operate at mid-altitude and would be utilized for roles such as reconnaissance, surveillance and attack. In March it was reported external link that the drone had completed its maiden flight.