Neorion shipyard passes 70-ship ‘milestone’ under Onex, prepares to expand

The Neorion shipyard on the island of Syros has reached record levels of capacity, with nine ships currently undergoing work at the yard, and has broken the 70-ship “milestone” set by U.S.-based Onex Shipyards after taking over and reopening the shipyard.

The shipyard has done work on 72 ships in total, of which 32 arrived in the first 100 days of 2019, while management expects the figure to exceed 100 and possibly reach 120 by the end of the current year. It is now making preparations to acquire a new and larger floating tank and data shows that it turns away four ships for every one it accepts, due to lack of space.

The operation of the shipyard has added about 420 jobs, set to increase to 500 soon.