Indian Army to purchase anti-tank missiles from Israel

The Indian Army has approved the “emergency purchase” of 240 Spike anti-tank guided missiles made by Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defence System to meet immediate operational requirements, Indian media have reported.

The decision to procure the 240 Spike MR anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) and 12 launchers was reportedly made during the five-day biannual Army Commanders’ Conference in New Delhi that ended on April 13; an IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly report quoted official sources as saying.

According to the report, the procurement followed an emergency provision that gave the Indian Army vice chief of staff the authorization to purchase goods and material worth up to $72 million without having to get prior approval from the Defence Ministry. Rafael had no comment on the reports.

India’s Financial Times reported that the Indian Army was given the green light to purchase the Israeli ATGMs after the February 2019 military standoff between India and Pakistan following airstrikes in Balakot.