Russian Black Sea naval base to become operational before the end of 2019

The facilities of the Novorossiysk Black Sea base will become operational before the end of 2019, the Russian Defense Ministry said. This naval base would be the second important naval base of the Black Sea for the Russian Navy, after the Sevastopol one.

“Ruslan Tsalikov (Russia’s first deputy defence minister) and Deputy Defense Minister Timur Ivanov have paid a working visit to the troops of the Southern Military District to check the completion of construction of the Novorossiysk naval base facilities,” the ministry said.

Tsalikov visited the naval base’s headquarters, examined the berthage facilities and a training centre with a swimming pool for training divers. He held a working conference after his inspection tour. Tsalikov also paid a visit to a naval aviation airfield near Yeysk to inspect the construction of a new modernized runway with arresting gear.

“Changes that have taken place at the base are evident. We certainly need to establish full interaction with the builders and organizations to settle all the issues linked to the completion of the construction works, especially of the western pier of the berth,” the first deputy defence minister said.

For their part, Colonel General Alexander Dvornikov, the Southern Military District commander, and Vice-Admiral Viktor Liina, the acting Black Sea Fleet commander, reported that the berths in the internal side of the harbour were one-hundred percent ready for operation.

“The berths, which are due to begin operation, are one-hundred percent ready. All the engineering works in this part will be finished in no time,” Vice-Admiral Liina noted.

Previously, five berths had been built on the coastal territory of the future naval base. The internal side of the base is used as an anchorage area for modern submarines. The builders are using advanced modern construction technologies, equipment and vehicles to ensure trouble-free operation without overhaul repairs for the next 50 years at least.