Norwegian frigate Helge Ingstad refloated after sinking

The Norwegian frigate that had sank about a year ago after a collision with the Greek-owned tanker Sola TSOn has been lifted to the surface. Now the warship is afloat again, however, the Norwegian royal navy which has estimated the damage the frigate has suffered, are not optimistic about its future.

The frigate Helge Ingstad stayed for more than three months immersed in the icy Norwegian Sea and the first estimate of the experts is that the ship has been exposed to so much oxygen and seawater that it will not be able to sail again.

It is recalled that the Helge Ingstad frigate collided with the TS Sola tanker in the early hours of November 8, 2018. Immediately after the collision, the frigate captain led her to Norway’s rocky coastline in an attempt to forestall sinking.

However, this was not successful, and Helge Ingstad sunk to the bottom, fortunately without any human loss.

The ship remained there for more than three months and the marks on it are now apparent. The Norwegian Navy made steel welds on board to close the rifts.