Turkish air force attempts to desecrate Greek Orthodox Holy Friday

Turkish Air Force F-16 , F-4 aircraft and an UAV proceeded to a series of violations without entering flight plans in saturation on a religious holiday, for the second time this year and for the third in two years, on Holy Friday.

More specifically, as became known by the General Staff of the Hellenic Air Force, six pairs of F-16, a pair of Turkish F-4s, a CN-235 COMINT aircraft, and a  UAV entered the Athens FIR of without filing flight plans.

13 air traffic law violations were recorded within the Athens FIR, which evolved into 39 national airspace violations – all by Turkish aircraft – in various parts of the Aegean Sea.

In all cases all Turkish aircraft were identified and intercepted by corresponding Greek fighters. The HAF scrambled fighters from all bases in the Aegean and some eastern mainland bases.

In two cases, interceptions turned into virtual dogfights.