Russian warship fire missile at old vessel during live-fire drill (vid)

A Russian Navy corvette has been filmed firing a shipborne missile that destroyed a decommissioned cargo vessel in less than three minutes during a live-fire exercise in Baltic Sea.

Footage released by the Russian Defense Ministry shows ‘Stoikiy’ (Resilient), a 1,800-ton warship, prepare and launch the ‘Uran’ anti-ship missile at an undisclosed location in the Baltic Sea. One of the vessel’s missile bays opens up moments before boosters propel the weapon towards the mock target. The target – a retired bulk carrier – is then seen taking the hit, at which point the video ends.

‘Stoikiy’ belongs to the newest class of corvettes being built for the Russian Navy under an ambitious modernization program. Notably, the ship is classed as a frigate by NATO due to its large displacement and powerful armament.