Syrian counterattack in NW Hamah

Units of the Syrian Arab Army took control of “Qalaat al-Madiq” town in Northwestern Hamah and are pushing toward “Kirkat” town further North, according to the SAA.

Currently, SAA tanks are inside “Kirkat” and SAA units are clashing with HTS terrorists in the town.

It is safe to say SAA controls the town, however final sweeps and establishments of defensive lines are still underway.

Furthermore, this liberation was the result of close coordination with the local civilians of these areas who aided the Syrian units in liberating their towns. Right now, more towns and villages are cooperating with SAA and are expected to be liberated soon.

PS. On May 09 of 208, a Turkish convoy entered Qalaat al-Madiq to recon and initiate the establishment of a “surveillance point” and on the same day of 2019, the town was liberated.