Gaza ready to fire 1,000 missiles every day: Israel

Gaza Strip terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad have developed such a vast and sophisticated arsenal that they will be able to fire 1,000 missiles at Israel every day in case of a new war, according to an Israeli report.

Israeli news site Wall has reported recently that Gaza is now on the same level as the Lebanese resistance group Hezbollah in terms of missile power.

The assessment is based on the resistance groups’ ability to fire around 700 rockets and missiles at Israeli targets north the Gaza border during a two-day confrontation earlier this month.

This capability allows resistance forces fire cheap, unguided rockets at large numbers, overwhelming Israel’s network of multi-billion dollar missile defense systems.

It was also this impressive launch rate that forced Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to accept a ceasefire agreement in fear of further chaos in the occupied Palestinian lands. After all, Bibi had just won elections by narrow margins thanks to a rhetoric that revolved around better security.

The threat, however, is not limited to rockets and missiles anymore.

During the recent conflict, Hamas deployed attack drones and even successfully targeted an Israeli convoy, a first in history of the conflict.

The group also destroyed an Israeli armored vehicle using Russian-made Kornet anti-tank missiles.

Maj. Gen. Herzi Halevi, the head of the Israeli military’s Southern Command, said besides all these new threats, his forces were getting ready to shoot down balloon bombs, another creation of resistance groups which has troubled the Israeli military.

What further baffled Israeli analysts during the recent flare-up was the Badr 3 missile.

Unveiled by the al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, during the recent conflict, the missile is equipped with 250-kilogram (551 lb) warhead, much bigger than the 40-kg one carried by its predecessor.

The al-Quds Brigades warned Israel that “what is coming next will be even greater.”