Turkey stages new large scale exercise in Aegean, East Med, Black Sea

More saber rattling is being attempted by Turkey in the Aegean and Mediterranean with the large-scale naval exercise “Deniz Kuzdu 2019”, which starts today, 13 May.

Turkey’s military exercise – as was the case with the recent “Blue Homeland” exercise – will take place simultaneously in the Aegean, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea and will last for 12 days and will be completed on 25 May.

Turkey, according to the Cypriot SigmaLive, is carrying out the naval exercise “Deniz Kuzdu 2019”, ασ ιτ δοεσ every two years, involving the Navy, Army and Air Force.

Turkey says it will sail its fleet in the Aegean
This year, however, with tempers flaring in the Cypriot EEZ, the forces participating in the exercise are expected to be increased.

According to what the Turkish Ministry of Defense has announced, 131 warships, 57 fighter jets and 33 helicopters will take part in the exercise.

Also impressive is the number of participating troops, which is estimated to exceed 25,900.

According to SigmaLive, Turkey’s press commented that “very few states can perform a second exercise in two months, like the one of called “Blue Homeland.”

The same media stressed that “the aim of the new exercise is to demonstrate Turkey’s power and sovereignty in the seas, and it is a response to estrangement policies towards Turkey in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean.”