Indian Army wants new uniforms

The uniform of the Indian Army is likely to be changed. In an exclusive, Zee News reported that suggestions have been sought from Army Headquarters. It said that the uniforms of forces of the other countries are being studied for the same. The other parameters being kept in mind are the different terrain the force is deployed in as also the changing warfare techniques.

According to the highly placed sources of Army Headquarters, the cloth of the uniform could also be changed. At present, the olive green uniform is of Terrycot, which is not comfortable in summers. Army’s old cotton uniform had made way for Terrycot ones because the former was not too easy to maintain.

The other important change could be to the shoulder ranks. Ranks are being considered to be placed on the placket, the area where buttons are placed on a shirt. Many of the world’s forces wear ranks in a similar fashion. Another element under discussion is the belt. The Army usually uses a wide leather belt, which has a regiment mark (INSIGNIA) in its back.

The belt worn during the operations is made of canvas with a separate hook for hanging the water bottle. Both types of belts are worn over the pants. To make it smarter and more comfortable, it is being considered to be kept inside the pants. Also, the colour of the trousers and shirt may vary now.

Three changes so far :

This will be the fourth major change in the uniform of the Indian Army. The first time, after Independence, it was changed from Khaki to Olive Green to keep it different from the Pakistani Army uniform. Pakistan still uses Khaki. After the second battle in 1980, the uniform worn during action was changed from cotton into a disruptive pattern (DP) battle. The logic was that the colour of the cotton uniform fades fast and then camouflage becomes difficult. But the cloth of this uniform was polyester, which is not comfortable for India’s hot and humid weather. But the use of uniforms matching with this battle dress is also made by other paramilitary forces such as BSF and CRPF. In 2005, the Army changed the colours of Battle Dress.

Five types of uniforms :

The Army has five types of uniforms. The most commonly worn is the General Duty dress which is olive trousers and shirts. In winters, black tie, olive green trousers and blazers are worn with a peach colour shirt. Apart from this, an olive green angora shirt is also worn in winters. The Blue Petrol Ceremonial Dress in which the trousers are worn with a closed neck coat, the ranks are put on the shoulders through embroidery. 6 A mess or dinner uniform has trousers worn with black coats, but these are not used as often as the Blue Patrol. 6 B is a summer mess dress in which half-sleeved white shirt is worn with the waistband as per the regiment. Then there is the Ceremonial Uniform which is worn for Guard of Honour, or while paying tribute to martyrs. It is worn with turban, scarves, waistband, medal and decoration.