Angola received final SU-30K Fighters

According to TASS, Angola received all 12 Su-30K fighters from the Aviation Repair Plant of Belarus. The aircraft were modified to the Su-30SM standard and are able to fire the RVV-AE (NATO AA-12) air-to-air missile.

Alexander Vorobey, Deputy Director for Development of the 558th ARZ said that two SU-30K fighters were transported to Angola in April thus completing the agreement for 12 Su-30K for the Angolan Air Force.

The Russian SU-30 is a twin-engine, two-seat supermaneuverable fighter aircraft. The new SU-30SM standards are equipped with 12 points of suspension of aviation weapons and can use guided aircraft missiles such as anti-ship X-31A, anti-radar X-31P, and air-to-air class RVV-AE. To protect against high-precision weapons, each Angolan fighter is equipped with a satellite jamming station.