Stryker Brigade unloads at Alexandroupolis port

This recognizes the strategic value of the port of Alexandroupolis, which has been upgraded sharply in recent years, particularly in the context of Greek-American defense relations.

Today, at the port of Alexandroupolis, the RO / RO (roll-on / roll-off) cargo ship “Green Ridge” arrived at the port yesterday, carrying 800 vehicles of all types and other Battlegroup material of a US Army Stryker Brigade!

These supplies and the staff that will later arrive will then be moved to the Balkans (Bulgaria – Romania) in order to engage in various training activities of the US Army, as part of its NATO obligations, with other Allies from the region, in the framework of the “Saber Guardian” and “Decisive Strike” exercises.

It is noteworthy that the arrival of the ship and the aforementioned material was announced by the American Ambassador himself in Athens, Geoffrey Pyatt, speaking at the Auditorium of the Air Force Academy as part of the proceedings of the 7th Air Power Conference held there by the HAF General Staff.

Today, on the Embassy’s facebook page, the arrival of the ship was announced and two photographs were posted.

“The first group of U.S. Army soldiers, to participate at the Decisive Strike 2019 exercise in Krivolak this summer, has arrived at the port of Alexandropouli in Greece, and is headed to North Macedonia. This is one of the many Stykers to be used for the joint military exercise with the Army of North Macedonia. More on this coming your way at the beginning of June,” said the post.

The Brigade Combat Team Stryker (BCTS) was first named Stryker because it is based on the 8-wheeled battle vehicle, which is an evolution of the LAV III vehicle. From an organic point of view, each such unit is a US Army brigade, along with fire support units (artillery) and other support units (engineers, communication, etc.), with a total force of about 4,500 soldiers, which can be formed by any US Army Division, so that they can be sent DIRECTLY to any part of the globe required by operational needs. The “direct” is related to air transport, since this brigade can immediately dispatch a mechanized infantry battalion by transport aircraft with the necessary support material following immediately afterward, by sea