Houthis release rare video of drone attack on Abu Dhabi International Airport (video)

For the first time ever, the Houthis media wing has released a video showing an aerial attack that targeted the Abu Dhabi International Airport less than a year ago.

The short video shows a suicide unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) of the Yemeni Air Force [loyal to the Houthis] directly hitting the airport’s “Terminal 1” on July 26, 2018.

According to the Houthis, the attack on Abu Dhabi International Airport was carried out with a “Samad-3” UAV. No photos or information about this type of UAVs have been presented, yet. However, experts assume that it has a range of more than 1,400km and a stealth design.

When the attack first took place, the official twitter account of the Abu Dhabi International Airport announced that an accident involving a supply vehicle occurred in “Terminal 1.” The UAE also denied any attack. The Houthis new video proves that these statement were false.

A spokesman for the pro-Houthis wing of the Yemeni military said the video didn’t only show a “military achievement,” but also revealed a “breach” in the UAE’s security.

“Most of the operations carried out deep inside enemy territory are documented,” Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari said in a press briefing on May 23, and added: “We halted our operations for a certain period as a message of peace but the enemy’s escalation did not stop,”

Brig. Gen Sari didn’t provide any new details about the operation. However, he vowed that any escalation will be met with similar attacks.

The UAE has not commented on the video, so far. The release of the video will likely lead to limited financial loses in the shipping and transportation sector, which represents a major part of the country’s income.