Syrian AAF takes out terrorists during meeting

Based on intel from SyAAF Intelligence operatives; at 12:30 Damascus time an SyAAF Su-24M2 front line bomber took of from an airbase in central Syria and headed West then changed course north toward Taftanaz Airbase where two terrorist groups were holding a meeting.

The buildings the meeting was held in and the buildings where terrorists were gathered were leveled to the ground, the end result was killing over 120 terrorists, destroying 6 pickup trucks and 3 transport vans;

The terrorist count were from the following groups:

– HTS (Formerly known as al-Nusra group) lost 60+ terrorists
– 60+ terrorists from two other groups known as Sayaf Banish “Swordsman of Banish” and Abu Khaled Talhea group

As well as the leaders who were in session when the airstrike hit them.