Upgraded Lebedev handgun may become standard weapon of Russia’s National Guard

Russia’s National Guard (Rosgvardiya) may replace its current standard weapon – the Makarov handgun – with upgraded versions of the Lebedev handgun (MPL-1 and MPL-2), the chief of Rosgvardiya’s weapons and hardware department, Aleksey Bezzubikov, told the science and engineering forum devoted to cutting-edge technologies created for Russia’s law enforcement agencies.

“At the moment we are considering the Lebedev handgun as an option. It is a fundamental upgrade of the PL-15,” he said.

The MPL-1 and MPL-2 are considered as likely standard weapons for Rosgvardiya’s crack units.

“This weapon is of interest to us. We see it as a substitute for the Makarov handgun,” Bezzubikov said.