Russia receives six MiG-35UB

Russia received its first of six MiG-35UB two-seat multirole fighter, that it had ordered in 2018. The defense ministry expects one more MiG-35UB and four MiG-35S deliveries in 2019 and is preparing a second contract to sign in June.

The State Armament Program 2018-2027 authorizes procurement of between 24 and 36 MiG-35s. Russia’s MiG-35UB twin-seat light multirole fighter made its public debut on January 27, 2017.

The MiG-35 relies on Klimov RD-33MK engines from the MiG-29K/KUB. With eight weapon stations, the MiG-35 can carry up to seven tons of unguided and guided weapons, including land-strike, anti-ship and air-to-air missiles.