SAA attacks, Jihadist counter-attack in Kafar Nabouda

When SAA entered Kafar Nabouda, jihadists gathered their forces and attempted to counter attack to retake the town; on the other side, SAA forces dealt heavy casualties to attacking terrorist forces before withdrawing from certain areas while maintaining the strategic hilltops and points around the town; thus terrorists gained a very costly partial victory which they used in their media outlets.

Prior to the attacks, the Turkish-Backed mercenaries utilized in the so-called “Euphrates Shield” transported fighters and weapons to fortify and aid terrorists in their attacks on the newly liberated “Kafar Nabouda”. The estimated number of terrorists killed in their attacks was no less than 350, excluding the ones killed by SyAAF airstrikes on enemy back lines.

Yesterday, SAA units launched a land attack on Kafar Nabouda to retake it, the initial estimated terrorist death toll in the most recent battle ~250.

The figures of casualties during the operations by the SAA pegged at nearly 800 of their most heavily armed, trained and experienced fighters is exaggerated. Thee vast majority of the Turkish-backed fighters are not Syrian, and hail mainly from Uzbekistan and Turkestan, which are the spearhead of terrorists in that region.

The situation is still rapidly changing and again, the fluctuation on the map is normal at this point; however, the SAA says it is marching forward and will not stop until the goals of the operations in Idlib and Northern Hamah are achieved.