Israel interested in King Stallion

Israel is looking at CH-53 King Stallion as a possible replacement for the CH-53 Yas’ur (Sea Stallion) helicopters that have been in Israeli service for more than 40 years.

According to Jane’s, Israeli Air Force officials let Lockheed Martin know about their intention. Israel started looking for a replacement for its Sea Stallion last year.

The CH-53 King Stallion, which is designed to transport dozens of fighters and heavy weaponry to operations on the front or deep inside enemy territory, can carry two heavy SUVs in its cabin. The CH-53K has three hooks for carrying cargo on ropes.

The Yas’ur has only one. The King Stallion can be refueled mid-air and has cutting-edge autopilot and landing features, enabling its pilot to touch down almost without using his hands.