Russia completes fifth Yak-152 Prototype

Irkutsk Aviation Plan completed the assembly of the fifth Yak-152 prototype, according to local reports. The Yak-52 is a Russian trainer aircraft by Yakovlev Design Bureau.

The first prototype flew on September 29, 2016. The aircraft is intended to provide primary pilot training, professional selection, and occupational guidance for future military fighter pilots.

The Russian Ministry of Defense contracted Yakovlev in June 2015 to supply approximately 150 Yak-152 aircraft by 2020. The Yak-152 trainer aircraft has a length of 7.72m, a wingspan of 8.82m and a height of 2.47m.

The maximum take-off weight is 1,320kg and it can carry a maximum fuel load of 200kg. It features a monocoque fuselage made up of four longerons. Reportedly, a sixth prototype is under construction.