Life in prison for 74 Turkish Air Force pilots

There is something rotten in Erdogan’s Turkey. Because how else can the conviction to life sentences of 74 Turkish pilots in the category of participation in a 2016 coup be explained.

Of the 74, 56 do not even have the right to appeal and will spend the rest of their lives in Turkish penal dungeons to experience the life of incarcerated Kurds, for example. The rest can at least hope to have Erdogan wake up happy one morning and give them pardons.

All convicts were during the night of the coup at an airbase in Ankara and six were accused of bombing the MIT headquarters and the General Staff.

It is worth mentioning that the pilots who sequestered the former Turkish armed force chief and current Minister of Defense from the base at Aikazi – the headquarters of the coup – to a safe point, were sentenced to life.

Also the Brigadier and former Commander of the Army Air Force was sentenced to 7.5 years imprisonment on the grounds that he is a Guilenian supporter, although he was promoted and became commander, after the coup. 45 other defendants were sentenced to imprisonment from 6 to 18 years. Is all this normal?