Turkey tests naval version of L-Umtas missile

The naval version of the well-known anti-tank missile L-Umtas has successfully tested the Turkish Navy. The missile was tested against a floating target and launched from the B92 A-class BTG Corvette Corvette on which a L-Umtas two-shot launcher had been placed.

The trials of the particular system on the TCG BARTEN Corvette began in the winter of 2018. This particular missile system is guided toward the target by using a semi-active laser beam that “illuminates” the target.

The range of the missile is theoretically 8 km and its warhead can destroy small targets or cause damage to larger ships. In this test, the Turkish rocket hit the ALBATROS-K drone.

The new rocket will be a major threat to Greek missile boats and gunboats, as the missiles due to their small size and high speed will be able to surprise the ships of the Hellenic Navy in the Eastern Aegean.