“Turkish state engages in espionage in Kirkuk through the MIT”

YNK Kirkuk Office Administrator Xazi Kerkuki said the Turkish state has increased the number of National Intelligence Agency (MIT) operatives in Kirkuk. Xazi Kerkuki said the Turkish state is engaging in espionage activity in the region through the MIT.

Xazi Kerkuki said groups allied to Turkey engage in espionage in Kirkuk and added that the operative groups are rotated around rapidly.

Xazi Kerkuki said, “Like how Qasim Sileman couldn’t bring the Iranian Pasdars to Iraq and formed a force through the Iraqi people, Turkey is trying to form a force made up of Turkmens.”

According to RojNews, following the latest explosions in Kirkuk, the Turkish state sent a group of soldiers including high ranking commanders to Kirkuk under the guise of protecting Turkmens.