Wearable technology for IDF combatants

During the last few weeks, the IDF has started operating the “smart brigade” at the Judea and Samaria division – a classified system that transfers immediate alerts received from intelligence sensors directly to the soldier on the field.

The new system will help the combatants thwart evolving attacks on real-time, mainly by lone wolf assailants, that are not part of any organized infrastructure and their intentions are hard to predict through intelligence.

This is part of the new Digital Regional Brigade project, which was designed to supply rapid alerts to the forces at the field through real-time intelligence streaming and imminent attack alerts without the mediation of command centers or intelligence officers who might delay the information until it gets to the field, according to ynet.co.il citing IDF Spokesperson.

The information will be streamed, among other devices, through a smartwatch worn by the combatants. The smartwatch which will be encrypted in accordance with the required classification level, will supply soldiers with a real-time alert about suspected movements at their vicinity, warn of impending threats such as suspected pedestrians that advance towards them, etc. The warning will be the result of comprehensive processing and fusion of all the data received from the multiple sources – radars, cameras, etc.

The soldiers will get the smartwatches within four to six weeks, according to israelhayom.co.il.